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Queena: The epitome of overcoming all.

Odds, persevering “no matter what”,and  a smile that could melt our hearts! This is Queena!

The formula that keeps her going is her will to LIVE and not EXIST , to enjoy everyday, and every moment and to make all of this happen with the strength of her Mom, Sister, Anna, and those who have wished the very best for her since day one. Somehow when we look @ the brighter side of life, through Queena’s eyes, the view is so much better and she is an inspiration to us all.

Queena could not be “posed” by us here @ LensinLove because her every emotion and gesture was a frame of its own, she is fun and adventurous , and there are a thousand words within her silence and a billion emotions bursting @ the right moments and a heart of Gold that shines through it all.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of you, Queena, and to share in the most important day of your sister, Anna, her wedding day!!

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First get your hands on some fresh Cuban bread then one by one layer the ingredients.  Its still not a cuban till its pressed and the juices and flavor come together. Now you know why its Tampa’s official Sandwich. Buen Provecho!

Born to Cuban immigrants, Dayari and Ismael’s wedding day celebration was an awesome family get together. There is this sense the joviality and bonding in the air and Oh…there’s dancing. Its hard not to have fun. We had a great time capturing their special day. Here’s to cuban sandwiches and to a delightful and loving couple. 

The wedding day father-daughter dance moments are our favorite. It fills our heart and ahem… sometimes makes us peek outside our viewfinder. With a slow or fast number playing in the background, all eyes are on the pair that share a bonding beyond words can express. Holding to his precious daughter who he just walked down the aisle with and gave away. This mix of nostalgia and celebration turns any tough dad into a sentimental guy. Featured here are few of those moments.fd-4fd-3fd-2fd-6fd-5fd-1fd-7

We were at Toni and Gabriel’s place.

There’s a dress form that stands in the corner. Toni stays focused with her sewing machine with pieces of fabric and patterns lying around.  She stayed up all night getting the final few stitches.

Making of a wedding gown is complicated, especially if it’s for your own wedding. It’s not like you went to a store, tried it on and loved it.  Nope it’s a dress that you dreamed of in your heart and is well thought off.

After hearing her story we were compelled to capture few of these moments and sew them to their wedding day video.

It was around Christmas time I met them. Their engagement photo session included moments at their favorite restaurant Anise global gastrobar in Tampa.


The wedding took place at Tampa Women’s Club located across the sidewalk of Bayshore boulevard.

Here’s their story in stills and in motion.