About us


“If we are going to stand out in what we do then discovering ourselves is the only way”

As individuals we had our own ways of discovering ourselves.

Talking about movies turned into taking movies.

Byju could have settled with his software job however, he took a road seldom traveled. He pursued a bachelors in Music composition. He works as an independent studio musician and a cinematographer.

While growing up Dawn’s dad inspired him with his photos taken by a Yashica camera.  He has his unique style of bringing out the best in people with his sensibilities and taste.

Growing up, Juby used to go around taking photos with his Kodak Kroma 35mm film camera. His photography involves creative photojournalism.

We believe in creating an image whether in stills or motion that are more personal and meaningful.

We enjoy being with our families, our church and community activities. If you meet us you can talk our ears off about movies, photography, cars, faith, arts or just life. We would love to meet you!

Byju, Dawn and Juby.

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